Cranston Storage

OVO Moving offers many different options when it comes to storage.

From long term to short term & onsite or offsite, as well as overnight storage!


Offsite Storage Cranston RI

All of our offsite warehouses are climate controlled and fully protected with sprinkler fire & theft alarmed systems, which provides a safe environment for your belongings. 

 When you move and store your belongings with OVO Moving & Storage we make sure that your furniture is protected with our industrial moving blankets. This helps ensure that your furniture is free from any damage and starches. We also do a full inventory at the time of the load and give you a copy so both parties know exactly what is being stored with us.





When you are looking for storage for only a few months (usually 1-3 months) is when you would look at taking advantage of our offsite short-term storage option. Not sure if short-term is what you are looking for? Here are a few examples of times you might need short-term storage:

  • Having floors redone
  • Minor home renovations
  • Staging your home
  • Home from college for the summer and need some place to store your belongings until you move back in the fall.



When you are looking for storage for and extended period of time (usually 4 months to years) is when you would look at taking advantage of our offsite long-term storage option.

Long-term storage is normally needed when you decided to sell your home and not quite sure of where you will be moving to so you decided to stay with family or friends. They are not going to have room for your full home worth of belongings so you would store it with us until you were ready to move again. 

Or maybe you are moving in with someone and have belongings that are not needed in the new place but have sentimental value and you don't want to part with them, this is when you would use long-term storage.

Maybe you are a worldly traveler and off to see the world and sold your home and need to store your belongings until you return, this is also when you would take advantage of long-term storage.


Commercial Storage Cranston RI

If you are ordering new equipment or furniture for your company but don't have a way for it to be delivered directly to you, OVO Moving & Storage can help. We can receive your new equipment or furniture at our warehouse were we would inspect in upon receiving to check for any shipping damage. We would store it in our warehouse until you were ready to have us deliver it to your business.


Overnight Storage

We are here to accommodate your every moving and storage need and know that sometimes you end up having both closings on the same day. You can't be two places at once right? So, in cases like this we would come the day before the closings and load up your home into the truck and the following day after your closings are completed we would set up the unload at your new home. 


Onsite Storage Cranston RI 

Maybe you are doing some internal work within your home and need to get some or all of your belongings out of the home but you need direct access to what you are going to need to store. This is when you would take advantage of our onsite storage option. We would have an onsite container delivered right to your home. We would just need to know how and where you wanted it placed, like on the driveway or grass and what way you wanted the door to face. This would help to ensure the container was loaded on the truck properly. This storage option is also provided in long-term and short-term options and also comes in 3 different sizes. 

We can even provide you with the labor to load and then unload the container if needed. 


Packing Supplies In Cranston RI 

Whether you are hiring us for the packing labor or not we still offer a wide variety of packing materials you will need to pack up your home. When you contact us for supplies we will grab your email address and send you an order form to fill out. When we receive the form back we will let you know when you can come an pick up the order or any order over $75 we can deliver directly to your home for FREE!

Packing Supplies We Sell:


Small Boxes, Medium Boxes, Large Boxes, Dish Boxes and Wardrobe Boxes

Other Supplies:

Tape, Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, and Packing Paper

Commercial Packing:

To learn more about our commercial services click here!


 Contact one of our moving consultants for more details and a free quote for your moving, packing & storage needs!