Whether you are moving to or from Cranston RI we can help! OVO Moving looks a little different than it used to. Before OVO was partnered with a company called Stevens Van Lines, what this meant for clients moving long distance was there was a more than one company handling your belongings along with more than one team of movers. There was also protentional for an extended wait time for you belongings to be delivered to your new home in your new state. 

Long distance moving now looks a whole lot different than that now and FOR THE BETTER! 

What the long distance processes looks like now for our clients:

  • During your first phone call with us, after chatting and finding out you are looking for a long distance move we will set up a complementary onsite walkthrough with one of our moving consultants. They will go over all aspects of your move and gain as much information from you about where you are going and what you will be taking with you. They will ask you questions to find out what of our other services you may need as well. You will also have the time to ask the moving consultant any questions you may have as well. The average walkthrough normally takes about 45mins to an hour but can vary depending on the size of the home.
  • When you first call we will gather all your contact information(Addresses, Name, phone number and email address). When the walkthrough is completed the moving consultant will evaluate their notes and put together a GUARANTEED FLAT RATE PRICE(That will not change at all unless you change the move itself). Within 24-48 hours you will receive this quote to your email. On the quote it will have the flat rate price for the moving labor as well as the cost of any additional services you requested or we think might be of assistance to you including but not limited to vehicle transportation and packing labor & materials.
  • We work around you schedule! This means you tell us the day you want your belongings unloaded in your new state and we will work the loading(& packing day if needed) day(s) around your delivery day. 
    • Normally the loading and packing days would be about 2-3 days prior to your delivery day depending on what state you were moving to. For an example if you were going to Florida if we loaded on a Monday, started driving on Tuesday we would unload in Florida Thursday morning. This is weather and traffic permitting. If the crew for any reason gets delayed on their way, rest assured they will give you a call updating you along the way.4
  • With OVO Moving preforming the move inhouse and not subcontracting to a van line means that the crew that loads your belongings in Rhode Island will be the same crew that unloads your belongings in your new state.

We understand that sometimes when moving long distance your closing date in Rhode Island might be a little while before your closing in your new state, or maybe you have not found a new place yet. If this is the case, DO NOT WORRY! We offer local Rhode Island Storage! We will reflect the storage cost on your quote as well as both the local move and the long distance move.