Commercial Furniture Installation Cranston RI Area

Are you moving your business and afraid you will have to hire a company to move you and a different company to disassemble and reassemble your furniture?

Are you upgrading or adding new furniture to your office but don't know how you will ever get it installed in a timely manner that will allow you to get right back to working? 

If you answered yes to the questions above, we have the answers! Our commercial moving team has been put through extensive training in all different types of furniture installation. This means that we don't only packing and moving services, but we can provided the installation of your furniture as well. 

If you are not moving but upgrading or adding new furniture OVO Moving can help with that in more ways than just installing your furniture. You can have your furniture shipped to our warehouse where we will receive it, inspect it for any damage in shipping then deliver & install your new furniture at your business. Check out our storage page for more information 



With the knowledgeable and experience in many different furniture systems, along with the many connections OVO Moving has made with many furniture companies we would be more than happy to set up a FREE onsite consultation. We would go over your plans with your and assist you in picking our the best furniture for your business, we will even point you in the direction of the best point of contact to go about purchasing your new furniture.

Give us a call today to set up your onsite consultation 401-943-1230 

Some of the companies OVO Moving is trained to install