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Commercial Moving In Cranston RI

Moving your business can be a difficult, daunting and stressful task to take on yourself. You might start out thinking you can do it but by a day or two in your are ready to pull your hair out! OVO Moving has the experience and equipment to preform any business relocation from just one office to 100+ offices, doesn't matter if you are moving internally, down the street, across the state or even to another state. You can rest easy know that OVO Moving will be right behind you every step of the way. You will be assigned a Move Manager that will be there to help plan your move with you from the most miniscule detail to the most intricate detail.

OVO Moving has a team of highly trained and experienced commercial movers who understand that moving your business can be an extremely stressful time. We are here to easy your mind and take that stress away. We also understand that every company/business has difference moving needs and circumstances. With over 15 years of commercial moving under our belts we are able to work with each business to plan a move that is best your business.

Moving your business sometimes means you might have to move during hours of operation. Our professional commercial moving team is here to make sure your move goes smoothly with no disturbances to your business.

After Hours Commercial Moving Company In Cranston RI

While some business moves must be preformed during normal company hours, many can be preformed after hours. You don't go by our hours, we go by yours! If you need us to work nights after closing or weekends when you are not open, we will be there! OVO Moving has preformed moves at all times of the day from starting at 5am and ending as late as 12am, we will do whatever it takes to complete your move. We will work together to formulate a plan that will insure we get you back up and running in your scheduled time frame. 


Commercial Packing In Cranston RI 

We understand that running your business with minimal downtime as possible during your move can be extremely stressful, never mind adding packing up your offices as well! This is why OVO Moving offers commercial packing services to help alleviate your stress and let you focus on running your business.

Your average, everyday moving supplies like regular boxes most of the time just will not make the cut when it comes to packing your business. So we offer different options that are specific to commercial moving that we can recommend to you. For an example when moving commercially we would advise you to rent our commercial crates rather than buying boxes. 


Packing Tips From The Owner

  • Use colored labels on the commercial bins. This is important for 3 BIG reasons:
    1.  Will allow our team to easily know what office/room to move each bin too and make for a smooth moving day.
    2. This will allow you to know exactly what is in the box so it is not a guessing game when you start unpacking.
    3. If you need something out of a bin after it's pack and before we move it you will know exactly what is in each bin so you will not have to search every bin to find one paper.
  • We always get asked "When should we pack?"  If you are looking to minimize your downtime packing the night before after closing or first thing day of the move. If you company is larger and you are unable to do all the packing in one shot, start a couple days before starting with files and things you will not need until after your move.


For more information about our commercial moving services and to book your FREE onsite estimate give us a call at 401-943-1230